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BIG -People are the same - all the same for you?


What has the BIG to do with health? Whenever someone asks me this I remember the movie from Werner Fassbinder "Ali: Fear eats the soul" And the people do ask often...

But we already have the answer. Unfortunately we are focused on function instead of live. So we often can' t notice the obvious things.
More and more people are afraid of losing their jobs. Or never get a job.

Not because they love this hired labour. No. But because they can't generate their livelihood. But what is this life about? More and more people have no life, they have only rests between two business days. And at the end of the money remains a lot of month. They are functioning instead of living. And they will permanently be exhausted underpriced.

Participation, a BIG would grant you this opportunity. The angst would directly be dissolved. Everybody could create his life his own way.

Do you still ask what a BIG has to do with health?


Some literature:
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