We just do it...

Written by Momo Lenz

No guru, no method, no teacher - that's our maxim. When we met Viktor Philippi and were trained to be Biosenses, we first time in our life got an effective possibility to help other people and ourselves. We were able to help to become healthier and especially to keep well and fit.

But the transfer from the universal energy, the insertion of the stream into the body, the dissolving of the blockades - that's only one side of two ends from a stick. What is more important - we understood fast - is the way of life. How can you prevent to produce blockades in you? Or at least to avoid making them grow?
Viktor Philippi has called the solution 'Healthy Thinking'. Gratitude, forgiveness and acceptance should help the people. And actually, they do, provided you internalize three things in your life. That you should can clearly be seen now. But in what manner?

Like other people, we didn't know it. Additionally, we had to undergo an endurance test, a real hard one. These challenges were our greatest happiness. They led us to any important people. We got a lot of hints. All the time there were friends who helped. They sent us an address to the right website or they gave us the suitable book. There were clients who had the same problems like us. Sometimes we already had solved these problems.

I mentioned it before - there has been this healer who was disappointed because he had been giving a diamond to his pupils and they threw it away to play with coloured colored stones. We understand it in another way. There is not ONE method which is the diamond. There are a lot of different facets of a diamond. If you polish the diamond in the right way it can become a brilliant.

Factor L is such a brilliant. Factor L - the L means life - is no method. It's our toolbox to help other people.

As biosens we use the biomeditation. It's fast and effective. With the biomeditation we could save our clients a lot of pain, problems, sorrow and drugs. But particularly important ist forgiveness. Only if you release the old waste, if you don't collect it you can become healthy and well. That's why the "Life in Now" like Eckhart Tolle preachs, the Radical Forgiveness which Colin Tipping has developed and the Hawaiian Ho'oponopono are parts of our toolbox. With these tools it's possible to forgive and it is easy even.

Part of our toolbox is still the New Medicine, developed by Ryke Geerd Hamer. Not as an therapy. It is no therapy and never was. It is a pure diagnostic instrument. With the scientific logic in it even so called sceptics soon understand the New Medicine. If you really understand it you will loose your fear. The fear of diseases and all kind of diagnosises.

Wenn my spouse Christopher Ray 2006 came into the clinic he had a status asthmaticus. A suspected heart attack was the next diagnosis. The doctors wanted to check up via a catheter. Wenn Chris refused the chief physician - a specalist for heartdiseases - bellowed: "If we don't do it you are dead within ten minutes." But Chris still declined. Then said the specialist to me: "Say your husband, if we don't check up his heart via a catheter he will die within ten minutes." I looked at him and asked: "Did you already give him a cortisone preparation?" He had not. After this Chris could breathe more easily.

The checkup with the catheter he refused anymore. Elsewise today he would actually be dead. Probably he would bled to death directly on the operating table during the doctors would have slipped the tube through the aneurism of the abdominal aorta. The fact of the abdominal aorta was well known. The same doctors made the diagnosis two years ago.

Homeopathy is also part of our toolbox. When on of our friends had found a method to loose 100 Kilogramm weight within eleven months we began intensivley inform ourselves about it. Today his weight is 88 kilos, his height 1,90 meters. Since that time - two years ago - he gained no gram. Easily we saw how it works. If the material is heavily diluted the information of the substance will become stronger and more clearly. The body understands the information more easily.

At the end we have informed ourselves intensively about the Healing Stream which Bruno Gröning meant when he cured in the 1940s and 1950s in Germany thousands of men, women and children. This Healing Stream is the same energy we use as biosens if we lay our hands on the body or send the energy remotely. Bruno Gröning is a special bright facet of our diamond. His love for the people seems to have been actually unconditional.

It is well possible - even likely - our diamond will get in the future more and more facets. Because knowledge has no final aspect. And the more facets there are a brilliant will become more brightly.

You will never reach the end of knowledge. Someone who thinks so is trapped in a drawer and means it would be the world. All the time there is a next stage you have to climb. Step by step. I you want to do so just come with us.

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